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“Caring, personable and professional. The acupuncture provided has improved my quality of life greatly. Out of all the acupuncturist ive been to, I highly recommend brevard acupuncture & integrative medicine above the rest.” 


I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone but most especially to Dr. Anderson. I continue to have a very positive experience at every appointment and am grateful. I would highly recommend your service to anyone who is interested! Thanks again…


“I’ve been working with Brendan for about 6 months and my initial problem of constant burning of the bottoms of my feet was completely gone within 2-3 visits. I’m still working with him because I see a difference in my overall health. He’s a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him.” 


“Thank you Brendan for your knowledge and know-how. It has brought positivity and requiescence to my life!” 


“Brendan is a knowledgeable and compassionate acupuncturist (and I’ve been to many over the years) who has a very gentle touch with the needles. Treatments are provided in a calming, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere and I like the way he takes the time to explain and answer any questions. I highly recommend Brendan!” 


“I didn’t realize how bad I was sleeping until I started taking the herbs. I also noticed that my energy has improved, my mood is better and I am not as drained as I used to be.” 


“Brendan is a wonderful, compassionate healer and very knowledgeable in the art of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. He also also has a great network of other healers that he can refer you to that are of the highest caliber. I recommend him highly!!” 


“Thank you Brendan Zachar for your tremendous help and knowledge of Chinese medicine. Your acupuncture treatments really helped our family. We love you.” 


“Results speak for themselves. Feeling better than I have in years. I am able to train daily. Chronic issues are under control and improving with acupuncture, massage and Chinese herbs. Brendan Zachar is a caring, knowledgeable professional, wise beyond his years. Highly recommend.” 


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