Therapeutic Foot Soaks

Foot Soaks for your Health

The idea of soaking one’s feet in a warm bath for health and relaxation is not a new one. Foot soaks have been used for generations to ease the aches and pains that we feel in our bodies. Soaking your feet can help to reduce the tension and pressure that builds into the muscles, tendons, and ligaments which support your body structure. Giving the feet a break can be a wonderful, holistic way to return the body to a healthy state.

“It is said that a dying tree withers first in its roots, and an aging person first feels their health recede from the feet.”

Benefits of soaking the feet in essential oils and herbal foot soaks, include:

  • Reducing pain. The increase in blood circulation in the lower extremities may help with the decrease inflammatory processes in the lower limbs.
  • Eliminating toxins. Blood is meant to circulate freely within the vessel system, healthy circulation encourages oxygen to be delivered to cells and metabolic waste to be discarded from cells.
  • Eliminating stress. Soothing aromas steeped in warm water can help to decrease stress and tension.
  • Increase and absorb magnesium. In the case of Epsom salt foot baths, soaking the feet in these salts increases the levels of magnesium, an essential element within the body to maintain health and wellbeing.

Reflexology & Foot Soak

Combination Therapeutic Foot Soak with Reflexology.
Herbal Foot Soaks are typically applied for 20 minutes in a warm bath. Depending on your unique conditions soaks can be infused with magnesium, essential oils, hand selected petals and leaves, or herbs from the mountains of Tibet. Foot soaks are followed by a 30 minute reflexology massage to key pressure points.
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