Looking for a clinical detoxification program? We’ve got you covered! Environmental pollutants and toxins are all around us. Toxins can be in the air we breathe, our food supply, and even in some of the everyday household items we’ve grown accustomed to using. Noise and light pollution, also a form of toxicity interferes with our natural biorhythms and disturbs hormonal cycles. Chronic disease symptoms can worsen due to excessive amounts of environmental toxicities and in some cases it’s the real reason our health suffers. Toxicity buildup affects the whole person and can even make our mood and energy levels suffer.

It’s not all bad news though – our body’s have their own natural detoxification mechanisms and with our 7-day detox program you can stimulate your capacity to heal, and excrete any harmful toxins that you have accumulated over the course of your lifetime.

Health benefits of using our clinical detoxification program include:
  • Liver cleanse. The liver is often a storehouse for toxicity and can become overburdened when there are more toxins than it can metabolize. A renewed liver means better circulation, clearer skin, and improved mood.
  • Improve digestive functioning. The constant presence of eating the “wrong” things can clog up our detoxification pathways making irregular bowel habits common. Detoxification can help to flush out our system and improve our digestive processes.
  • Increased energy. After a detoxification many patients feel a surge in available energy. This is most likely due to internal organs and metabolic pathways now functioning as intended, leading to a surplus of cellular energy.
  • Fighting existing disease. Many chronic conditions have their root in systemic inflammation. Inflammation can start at deeper levels within the body and may be due to toxic accumulation, food allergies, and imbalances in the digestive system. As the detoxification ensues, many patients find that their symptoms improve.
  • Mental clarity and well being. After detoxification the majority of patients report that they feel better and have more mental clarity. This is not just temporarily either, It can last for months or even become permanent. Detoxification can be utilized multiple times a year if needed or even yearly as a tune-up. If you think about it, we “spring clean” our homes once a year but many of us have never truly internally “cleansed” even just once in our lifetimes. It only makes sense to allow our body’s time to rest, and regenerate from the constant burden of toxicity that we place upon it.
What specifically is involved?

Our 7-day detoxification consists of a special diet, supplements, and hydrotherapy. This powerful method combines many years of clinical research and in our opinion is the most effective way to remove toxic waste products from the body, restoring and strengthening it to a healthier state. It’s easy to get started with our clinical detox program and simple enough that anyone can do it.

During your detox consult we will walk you through our program step-by-step, specifically:

  • Instructing you on what to eat during the 7-days of detoxification, including foods to eat (with recipes) and what to avoid.
  • Helpful supplementation that will assist the body during detoxification.
  • Hydrotherapy – How to perform hydrotherapy with alternating hot & cold.
  • Learn post-detox care so that you can continue to reap the benefits of the detoxification even after it is over.

Are you ready to remove the obstacles that are keeping you from being healthy? Contact us today and let’s get started!

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